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Programming is how I live, work, and play. It's not my only interest by any means, but it is certainly the predomininant one and I probably spend twice as much time playing with coding than anything else, even after discounting time at work. Given that, how could I not include it in my website???

Even as I write this I have no idea what I'll put in this section or how I'll ever manage to organize it. It will probably be quite slow to build out. I'm creating this primarily as a personal resource, so if anyone finds anything here of use to them, more power to them.

One last note on the sections I'm including in this section. First, I always try to work with the most recent release of any language. Therefore, when I talk about Java I'm referring (at this point in time) to Java 10. For C, to C11. Also, I'm a zealous convert to HTML5 and its symbiotic relationship to CSS3 and Javascript, just now starting to move into the ECMAScript 2015 Language Specification. Taken together and along with all the other ongoing developments, I think this is a wonderfully exciting, if not revelutionary, period in web development. So if you're still not using CSS to format your HTML and JavaScipt for functionality... shame on you!