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This is my personal website and of little interest to the general public. You're welcome to look around if you wish and I hope you find something of use to you.

For the time-being, I've dual-purposed this website to serve not only as my personal site but as a precursor to a web and software development business website. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting nearer to retirement. Even after career working with software, breaking into a new field is never easy. I'm trying to get a headstart and begin to prove myself as a web developer. It seems the best way to do that is to get some sample workpieces out in front of the public. Please take the time to click on "Wartree" in the menu, or just click here, to find out more about how this site is constructed, see examples of other work, and find out about some inexpensive, or even free, introductory pricing.

Other areas of the site are intended mostly for my use as a quick reference for things I get tired of looking up, but I thought I'd incorporate them into the showcase theme of the site, as well as hoping they can be of use to students and others interested in the same topics. Feel free to look around and make whatever use you can of anything that interests you.

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Among it's more customary uses, this site is also my experimental playground. As such, it should be considered to be always "Under Construction" and subject to outage, inexplicable deadends, odd behavior, visual irregularities, poor design, and whatever else I might do to screw it up.

In such an event, don't bother contacting me about them. I already know and will fix things as soon as I get the time and/or inclination.